Private move

Are you interested in moving in the near future?

Then you are in the right place with us. We will plan your private move in Germany or throughout Europe together with you. Every private move is different and therefore requires individual planning and preparation. That is why we should conduct a consultation and planning before the actual move. The distance does not matter, whether it is a regional or international private move. One of our strengths is to respond to the individual needs of our customers. We consider all relevant aspects in the planning.

To get a comprehensive picture of your move, one of our experienced specialists will come to you at the beginning. This way, many questions can be clarified and your move will run smoothly. We are happy to advise you on our comprehensive range of services. With us, you can also take advantage of partial services. After the site visit, we will provide you with a non-binding fixed price offer. You don't have to worry about hidden costs with us. You only pay the agreed price.

Moving tips for the private move:

Our friendly team gives you helpful tips and information for a successful move. Punctuality and reliability are our top priorities, especially on moving day. At the agreed time, we will send our experienced employees to your home. Depending on the requested services, they will dismantle your furniture and pack it professionally. Your moving goods are in safe hands with us. Of course, our staff will help you leave the old apartment spotless. Upon arrival at the destination, your furniture will be professionally reassembled.

Packing material and setting up of no-parking zones:

If you wish, our employees can provide you with packing materials. This can be moving boxes or bubble wrap, so you can store your valuable moving goods safely and clearly.
On the day of the move, we will set up a no parking zone for you so that the loading can be carried out without obstacles or delays.

Billing of costs to employer and authorities:

Our services are properly billed to your employer or the authorities. We can take some of the work off your hands in billing our moving services by happily handling this process for you. This way you can focus on the move.

We want your private move to be as stress-free as possible. Use our practical application form for the first contact or simply give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Company relocation

The planning of a corporate move requires a much more complex preparation than a private change of residence. Above all, the usual work process should not be disrupted as much as possible, as it can quickly lead to revenue losses. As a transportation company, we offer a detailed and accurate planning for your corporate move within Germany or worldwide. A corporate move is always a special kind of large project. We pay very close attention to keeping both the cost of sales and the downtime costs as low as possible. A successful move should hardly be noticed by the customers. That is our actual goal. If you wish, we can divide the move into several stages. No matter where you want to move, we are always by your side. If you wish, we will also carry out the relocation of your company at night or on holidays. We take care of the safe and professional assembly and disassembly of your IT systems. Discretion is a matter of course for us and we handle sensitive data very trustworthily.

Clearing out and starting anew - corporate move with competence

During a company move, it is often noticed that there are things that are no longer needed and would only be disruptive in the new location. In this case, we offer you our professional clearing out of your office furniture. We also clear out side rooms or garages and carefully separate the moving goods from other objects.

Of course, packing and unpacking the office furniture and other inventory, as well as its assembly and disassembly, is also part of our service. In some cases, the new rooms also have to be cleared out before you can move in. We are happy to do this for you. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly disposal.

Would you like us to create a free and non-binding cost estimate for you? Then make an appointment with one of our experts for an on-site appointment. Our specialist will give you tips and information for the upcoming company move at this opportunity.

Senior move

Toth Spedition has tailored its services to meet the needs of seniors. A senior move can sometimes present significant challenges. Our trained senior move staff are aware of this and work with extra sensitivity on your senior move. The extended moving service is based on long-term experience and offers older people exactly the right help they need.

Detailed moving planning is the basis for a successful move for seniors. During an on-site consultation, we will answer your questions and address your individual needs. We want you to arrive at your new home as stress-free as possible.

We offer relief, both organizational and physical, for senior moves. Therefore, all the services of our moving company are always expandable for seniors.

The first measure we take is a free on-site inspection. Most questions about the move are clarified and we can specifically address your individual needs. We want you to arrive at your new home as stress-free as possible.

We naturally provide moving boxes and other moving materials and apply for a prohibited parking zone if necessary for comfortable loading or unloading. Our service also includes cleaning or renovating the rooms.

If requested, we will send our friendly moving helpers to you some time before the actual move, who will take care of the professional disassembly of your furniture and securely pack your moving goods. The apartment will be left broom clean after the move. A basic cleaning can also be carried out. In the new apartment, our experienced team takes care of the assembly of the furniture. If you need help unpacking, our employees will be happy to assist you.

Senior move – you can trust us

We approach you with a lot of empathy and offer the best possible support during the entire move. Look forward to your new home and a new stage of life. We are always there for you.

Household dissolutions

Professional household dissolutions:

We offer a comprehensive complete service for household liquidations, apartment liquidations, and decluttering. We take care of all necessary tidying, transport, and disposal tasks. We also offer storage. If desired, we can sort out well-preserved and reusable objects to sell them in our sales hall or online and offset the decluttering costs with the proceeds. Let us lighten your load and take the work off your hands. We are always ready to help you.

Well organized household dissolutions

Furniture and office liquidations are a special form of household liquidation. This involves decluttering business premises, offices, practices, warehouses, and similar facilities. Here too, we offer you a complete service from one source. We take care of all tasks from disassembling and packing the furniture to proper disposal. Valuable objects are sorted out by us and can possibly be sold or stored. Beforehand, we create a detailed plan together with you and calculate the labor, time, and material costs. You will receive a non-binding cost estimate. Our professional team ensures a smooth implementation of the furniture and office liquidation.

Professional decluttering also for business clients

We not only carry out decluttering for private individuals. We are also active for business customers and declutter business premises such as offices, retail locations, garden areas, warehouses, or production halls. In this case, we also sort out valuable furniture, equipment, machines, or other objects and dispose of everything else properly and environmentally friendly.

Household liquidation and apartment liquidation from a professional

As an experienced decluttering and disposal company, we carry out every household liquidation, apartment liquidation, and decluttering carefully and professionally. Our employees are characterized by punctual, reliable, and careful work. We ensure that objects of all kinds are thoroughly cleaned and put in a broom clean condition after decluttering so that they can be quickly occupied again.

Long distance move

Are you looking for a long distance moving company?

Then you are exactly right with us. As experts in professional long-distance moves, we offer not only comprehensive advice so you know what to look out for, but also a non-binding cost estimate. Contact us today to discuss your long-distance move.

A long-distance move within Europe:

Are you planning a long-distance move within Europe? Then we are the ideal partner for you. With many years of experience in this area, we not only offer secure transport of your moving goods, but also take care of all the details and little things that come up during a long-distance move. If your destination is even beyond the European borders, we have reliable partner companies available to ensure a professional handling for you. Contact us today to discuss your long-distance move with us.

Optimal organization for transports and additional loads

Do you need help transporting loads from one place to another? No problem, we would be happy to do it for you. Whether you have a small or large amount of cargo, we will ensure that your shipments or consolidated transports are safely and reliably transported from A to B. To do this, we use our established network of partners that focus on reliability. Contact us today to discuss your transport.

Billing with employer and authorities:

Our top priority is always the proper billing of our services. If authorities such as employment or social agencies are involved in your move, we will take care of contacting the responsible officials and billing them directly. If your employer is contributing to the moving costs, we will of course also prepare a billing for them. Our goal is to make the entire process as smooth as possible, so you don't have to worry about any additional concerns during your move. Contact us today to discuss your move with us.

Clearing out

Often, the process of decluttering or household dissolution is considered a simple task, but in reality it is hard work. Especially when there are large amounts of waste or a large household inventory.
To take this work off your hands, we are happy to handle the decluttering for you. We ensure that everything is thoroughly removed and take care of complete disposal, so that you can focus on the important things in your life.

Contact us today to discuss your decluttering needs.

Packing & Unpacking Service

Our packing and unpacking service supports you in the packing work for your move by professionally and quickly packing and unpacking. Our employees categorize and sort the contents of the boxes according to your wishes.
We offer this service not only for the move, but also for our nationwide long-distance moves and international moves as an optional service.

In some offers, such as the senior move, the packing and unpacking service is even included. Contact us today to learn more about our packing and unpacking service.

With us, no glass will break because we carefully and securely pack the contents of the boxes. You can be assured that your belongings and furniture are in good hands.
Our packing and unpacking service is particularly useful for office or company moves as it is often more economical to have the professionals pack and unpack instead of the company's own employees.
Contact us today to learn more about our packing and unpacking services.

Final cleaning

As a professional moving service provider, we also offer you the option of having us carry out the final cleaning for your old apartment. We know how tiring it can be to clean the apartment for the handover when you have just moved. That is why we are happy to take care of this task for you so that you have more time to settle into your new home.

We clean windows, clean floors, and take care of smaller renovation work to ensure that everything is clean and in order at the time of handover. Contact us today to learn more about our final cleaning service.

Furniture & kitchen assembly

Expert kitchen installation: Disassembly and reassembly from one source

Installing a fitted kitchen in your new home can be a challenging task, especially if you have no experience as an electrician. To ensure that the kitchen is level, all cabinet doors and drawers close smoothly, and surface differences are bridged, it is advisable to use a professional kitchen installation. Our team of experts not only takes care of the disassembly and reassembly of your kitchen, but also ensures that it is expertly and safely installed, including all appliances and equipment. We also offer to cut your fitted kitchen to the new dimensions of your room so that it fits seamlessly into your new home. Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen installation service.

Furniture transportation

Your furniture is more than just part of your household - it is often associated with special memories. Whether it is heirlooms that have been passed down for generations or new furniture that has special value for you, we treat each piece of furniture with special care during furniture transport.

We pack your furniture for transport and load it in such a way that nothing is damaged on the way. You can be assured that we will do everything to ensure that your furniture remains safe and protected during transport. Contact us today to learn more about our furniture transport service.